Lymfactin is aimed as the first curative treatment of breast cancer associated lymphedema

Lymphedema (LE) is a chronic, progressive swelling caused by a defective lymphatic system. LE is a disabling, disfiguring disease that significantly impacts the quality of life of the patients. Curative treatments are not known

Clinical studies

The combination of lymph node transplantation surgery and Lymfactin® attempts to repair injuries, which have been caused in the lymphatic system by breast cancer treatments. This approach aims at reducing the swelling of the affected arm. At the moment there are no clinical studies recruiting patients. Information about new clinical studies will be published on this site and the study sponsor’s website when applicable (

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About Lymfactin®

Lymfactin® is an investigational medicinal product currently in the development for the treatment of breast cancer associated secondary lymphedema (BCAL). Lymfactin® is based on scientific research on a natural human growth factor specific to lymphangiogenesis.

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Secondary lymphedema

Secondary lymphedema is caused by local injuries of the lymphatic system for instance due to cancer treatments. The injuries of the lymphatic system will disrupt the normal flow of lymph, which will start to accumulate in tissue, for instance in a limb. This results in chronic, progressive swelling. Approximately 10-30% of breast cancer survivors who undergo axillary lymph node dissection will develop secondary lymphedema.